11 Office Exercises Can Improve Life Tonus And Working Efficiency

Office exercises
Office exercises image by jcomp on Freepik

Office exercises can be done once a day – you spend 15–20 minutes in the course of the day. This is best done in the afternoon.

You can also go the other way – “insert” individual exercises during the working day. For example, if you’re sitting at a computer desk, stretch your legs out under the desk. When the space is empty, do a few bends and squats.

Sedentary exercise in office is an ideal remedy for fatigue, blurred vision, back pain, hemorrhoids, reproductive disorders and other diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Simple exercises can significantly increase vitality and performance.

In order not to turn the office into a gym and not attract the attention of staff, the following exercises that can be performed while sitting on an office chair are presented below.

Office Exercises for Sitting Position

  1. Head tilts.
    Head tilts office exercise
  2. Head turns.
    Head turns office exercise

  3. Tilt the head with chin extension.
    Tilt the head with chin extension office exercise

  4. Elbow extension.
    Elbow extension office exercise

  5. Front curve.
    Front curve office exercise

  6. Take a deep breath. The eyes are resting.
    Eyes are resting office exercise

  7. Shoulder stretch.
    Shoulder stretch office exercise

  8. Lumbar curves.
    Lumbar curves office exercise

  9. Lateral curves.
    Lateral curves office exercise

  10. Arm stretch.
    Arm stretch office exercise

  11. Shoulder rotation – forward, backward, down, up.
    Shoulder rotation office exercise