Smart Workspace Ergonomic Rules For Office Work

More often we hear words«ergonomis», «ergonomics». What does ergonomics mean?

First of all let’s investigate the word ergonomics– ergonomics is the science studying human activity, tools and facilities of his acttivity, environment in the process of interaction.

The main purpose of ergonomics – is efficiency, safety and convenience of work process. It means to provide the conditions of work that contribute to person fatigue decrese and his health saving.

Office comfortability is combined of workspace ergonomics and ratioanal office space planning. The main idea is separation on work areas in the way that any operator can work with maximum efficiency alone and in the team.

Office environment convenience influences working efficiency of any staff. If  a person is not able to fulfill all the work during the day– it doesn’t mean that he is a bad specialist: there are factors such as uncomfortable  workspace that can be the reason of quick fatigue,  and demands more efforts and time .

The most significant task is to select a desk.

Company should provide wide range of tables meeting ergonomics requirements.

Lack of space problem can be solved by selection of tables, additional and mobile pedestals.

The most favourable furniture location  is when shelves, pedestals, cabinets for everyday work are within hand. Such   furnitire arrangement   allow to exclude much efforts and focus efforts on everyday activities.Special investigations prove that following the rules of ergonomics about 30% of labour timeis saved and as the result labour productivity is increased.

For efficient office personnel work various desk top shelves, trays, supports and other office accessories are required. But it is better not to block the table and use mounted shelves or mobile pedestals that can help to organize workspace following the principle “at hand”.

Experts studying ergonomics consider that the best result is provided when stationary and mobile partitions of different height and degree of transparency are utilized. The above structures can complitely change office, provide  maximum attention focusing and additional convenience for staff. .

Desk top  partitions allow creation of individual office space for every person.

Very often people pay special attention to cabinets and racks: it is considered that they attract attention and are more significant for office image.

It is important to select cabinets equipped with conventional doors and multifunctional drawers, the set should also include tower cabinets.

The other important aspect that is sometimes neglected– is a handle. There are quite strict requirements to handles design, that guarrantee that a customer, for instance, doesn’t break a finger.

Optimal part size at finger grasping. Optimal part size at finger grasping, at pulm grasping

Handle is an object or the part of the object, provided for grasping, pressing. There are several handle types in furniture fabrication: depending upon the shape there are door knobs, door levers, shell handles, railing handles.

About 90% of labour hours, personnel working in the office spend sitting at the table.   It makes the situation worse due to the fact that the load on the lower part of the back is increased.

One can sit on backless stool or ordinary chair not more than 15 sec. a day without health damage. The seat should be provided with armrests. Rigid seat back of anatomic shape decrease load on spine. As the result chair structure supports the body.

Long-lasting sedentary activity is harmful for human health: you stoop shoulders or lean forward and the spine is deformated; you raise shoulders and bend arms– consequently they start aching  clamping vessels you overload the heart; not speaking about hand tendon strain and visual loop. If the legs  doesn’t reach the floor and you sit in this position for a long time blood outflow is hindered that can be the reason of trombophlebitis. Most of the time feet should rest on the floor. Especially for this purpose we provide specially designed foot rest. Free-floating platform allow for leg comfort stimulating blood circulation. Foot rest should be provided with soft height adjustment and massage surface. Monitor stand lifting monitor over the table surface and special table fixture is foreseen for tension relief of shoulder girdle muscles.   « adequate » adjustable ergonomic chair is required to have the right spine position.

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